The Crystal Dental Group Guide To Dental X-Rays

The Crystal Dental Group Guide To Dental X-Rays

Don’t know a periapical from a bitewing? In this post from Crystal Dental Group in High Point, we take a look at dental X-rays.

For most of our patients, we update our dental x-ray records once each year. The images give us the big picture, including the tip of the roots of each tooth and the bone beneath the gums. This allows us to see potential issues even before they become a problem, and start treatment if necessary.

There is more than one type of dental x-ray:

Panoramic X-rays help us see everything in one image: the complete upper and lower jaw. They are often taken during a patient’s first visit, and are useful for evaluating jaw injuries and seeing emerging teeth in children.

Bitewing X-rays help us see what’s going on between teeth—something that is impossible with a visual exam. They also help us evaluate the jaw bone.

These are similar to bite wings but they can get a clearer picture of the tooth roots and bone. These are commonly used to help diagnose an abscess in the root of a tooth.

Full-Mouth Series
This is a combination of periapical and bitewing X-rays. It gives a highly-detailed picture of all the teeth and the surrounding bone structure.

Patients sometimes express concern about radiation from x-rays. Rest assured, they are safe: you are only exposed to minimal amounts, and the latest generation of x-rays further reduce it. But we never take any chances, so you’re covered with a heavy leaded apron and collar for added protection.

At Crystal Dental Group we want all of our patients to have the best possible dental health, and x-rays help us make the best possible diagnoses. Our services include general and cosmetic dentistry. We have extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience. Call for an appointment today!

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